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Blockchain Alliance for Good Launch



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September sees the launch of the Blockchain Alliance for Good(Bisgit.IoV) – a free membership organisation aimed at boosting the usage of blockchain technology to generategood social and environmental solutions. The Alliance unites blockchain enthusiasts from around the world and providesthem with a springboard for “good” innovations. Led by Barbara Mellish, a former senior banker, “Blockchain Alliance for Goodwill promote Total Value exchange which will revolutionise the adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies”. Based in the UK but operating internationally, Bisgit.IoV comes out of the not-for-profitCentre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance – the world’s leading Think Thank in theMovement of Value. Over the next 3 months, plans include its own Hackathon (October), University of Cambridge conference (11th November),a free quarterly online specialist magazine (December 2016), and the appointment of the Blockchain Alliance for Good Advisory Board.In 2017, Bisgit has been commissioned to author a book from a leading academic publisher, launch of university accredited online courses, and a peer-reviewed academic journal in 2018. The Alliance is now actively seeking nominations and contributions. Furthermore, every quarterly edition of Social Value and Intangibles Review (SVIR) will have a supplement onBlockchain for Good. Future editions will feature articles on applications in retail, customer loyalty cards, social media, micro payments, money laundering, supply chain transparency, NGO and charity markets. The Blockchain Alliance for Good is also keen to develop imagineering around what the 2020’s  blockchain world will look like, including AI, bots and mobile apps.

About Blockchain Alliance for Good

Internet-of-Value Blockchain Initiative for Socially Good Integrated Transactions (Bisgit.Iov) can be found at Official hashtag of the Alliance is #goodistrending.

About Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance
The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance(CCEG),is the leading open source international Think Tank on the Movement of Value. With over 50,000 members, including 6000 of the largest companies in the world and 2000 politicians, CCEG has over 100 commissions at   and over 10 SaaS platforms at Seratio. CCEG’s blockchain focus is around the building of Phronesis World, with more detail of real world applications in Phronesis II (prezi, video).

Raisa Ambros, VP Global Communications         +44 7936 079 033

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