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Since the dawn of human history, beauty, harmony, and even the gods themselves have always been represented with unclothed figures. The human body, cross and delight of each artist in all ages and cultures since the Paleolithic, has always been and will continue to be a source of research and passion.

Over the centuries, the representation of the human body has changed either in the concept of Beauty and from a religious, moral and social point of view.

Art has always been the witness of the history of man: through images, it is possible to reconstruct his evolution, discoveries, habits, and his relationship with the inner and outer world.

The truth, often concealed by symbolism, was and still is represented with nudity.

Nudity: Classical, Medieval, Baroque, Futurist, Surreal, and even ironic. How many approaches and meanings a nude artwork can have….

In the Greece of the great philosophers, a lot of people discussed beauty and nakedness… At the Olympic games, the athletes themselves had no garment.

opera-borrelliIn Ancient Rome, nakedness and habits were very free but with the advent of Christianity nakedness was added a new moral called “modesty”, a sort of regulation of the social behavior that makes nakedness not only a representation of perfection and freedom but a deeper value…and from here a path of different meanings up to “Origins of the World” by Courbet.


This exhibition will display artworks by Russian, Italian, and Iranian artists; three very different interpretations that illustrate the different cultural experiences. The comparison turned out to be very interesting and intense and also a less attentive eye can perceive the wide affinity of these three populations and cultures. NUDE, the title of this new collective exhibition at the Stefano Simmi Gallery, presents today’s nude artworks realized by contemporary artists with all the above-listed variations: Modest, irreverent, with reminiscences, mythological or also provocative and sexy but never vulgar. Nakedness, representing the beauty of harmony, the magic of perfection and imperfection, sensuality, and a human world full of vibrations, can never be vulgar.

Dr. Mara Ferloni, art critic, will present the exhibition


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